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Incursion: SNAFU
Pris med mängdrabatt: 190,00kr

Första expansionen till Incursion, .

"Expanding upon the insurgent success of the2010 cult smash: INCURSION, Grindhouse Games welcomes you back to hell. The fighting beneath Gibraltar reaches a feverish pitch as each side suffers horrendous casualties to gain a few feet only to lose them again the next day. Bodies, dead and undead, stack up like cordwood. In desperation, the allies refit the US Lucky Seventh with even heavier weaponry and deploy the elite of elite: the MI-13 Commandos. British leaders pull the sentinel Zip Kelly, the HURRICANE out of combat operations against the Japanese Empire and send him into the meat grinder in a last-ditch attempt to break the deadlock. As they delve deeper into the bowels of the German abattoir, Hugo von X unleashes his deadliest weapons: the Drohnes, and the dreaded Panzeraffes, against which nothing can stand.

The 64 page full color perfect bound SNAFU takes the game to the next level. It contains the following mayhem, madness, and badness:
- 17 new missions to add to the 7 infinitely replayable missions provided in the boxed game. These include solo play, expanded two player, and multi-player options . There are also missions that utilize both sides of the board simultaneously...at last!
- Rules for a host of new (and old) models including MI-13, German SWD, and Lucky Seventh upgrades.
- Up to date FAQ
- Extraordinary model imagery
- Loads of new fictional bits, background, and character: all the grittiness and thematic triumph you've come to expect from the Grindhouse."

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Denna produkt inkom i vårt sortiment lördag 11 juni, 2011.
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